Philippe Bergeron appeared opposite Robert Downey Jr and Mickey Rourke in a pivotal scene from “Iron Man 2.”  “We shot the scene both in English and French,” notes Philippe Bergeron. “I didn’t know which scene would end up in the film.” It was the French.

Also Philippe has appeared with Alan Rickman in Bottle Shock, playing "Pierre Tari," the lead French character. "We shot in Napa and Sonoma Valley, really one of the most beautiful shoots I have ever done," continues Philippe, a veteran character actor.

Although Philippe is known for his staple of French characters, (“Rush Hour 3,” “Mad Men,” “Entourage”) he has recently veered off the beaten path, playing the American jewelry owner in the series finale of “Las Vegas,” the Israeli Prime Minister in Comedy Central's “Mind of Mencia,” the French-Canadian mobster in the season premiere of “The Sopranos” final season, the Arabic restaurant owner in “The Shield,” the Congolese-speaking doctor in “ER,” or the jewish car salesman opposite Parker Stevenson in “The Takeaway.”

Did you know that Philippe has played French, Italian, Jewish, Arabic, Russian, and French-Canadian parts?

James Gandolfini

Robert Downey Jr.

Frank Langella

Philippe has had the honor of working with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  Indeed, Philippe has shared the screen with James Gandolfini, Jennifer Garner, Nicolas Cage, Brooke Shields, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Jon Hamm, Matthew Broderick, Amanda Peet, Jodie Foster, Jean Reno, Frank Langella, Tea Leoni, Candice Bergen, and Jamie Foxx, among others.

Other film & TV shows include “The Family Man,” “Godzilla,” “Contact,” “JAG,” “Caroline in the City,” and “Ellen.”

Alan Rickman